Michael Jeffreys is one of America's best kept secrets. He is a dynamic speaker of the highest caliber who uses original stories, humor and a rapid-fire delivery style to inspire and motivate.

After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1986, Michael started his own seminar production company. He now more than two decades later, he is still going strong. His Seminars on DVD and Seminars on Demand brands are quickly gaining global attention, as they offer one of the most comprehensive collections off personal and professional development training videos in the world.

As a professional speaker for more than 20 years, Michael Jeffreys has delivered more than 3000 hours of live training. He is a dynamic presenter who knows how to captivate any audience in a matter of seconds. As a media personality, Michael has been featured in numerous publications, radio interviews, and TV appearances.

For an audio version of Michael's live presentation, please send your request to: support@seminarsondvd.com

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"Michael Jeffreys has the unique ability to be both deeply profound and yet entertaining at the same time. I would attend anything if he were the speaker, I'm sure it would be enriching and memorable. "
Bi-Monthly Advisory Meeting - Southfield, MI, May 2009
"When it come to sales, Michael Jeffreys clearly owns the stage! His passion for sales is contagious and the presentation was a fabulous hit. Yes, he is probably faster than a speeding bullet but also able to leap tall improvements in a single meeting. "
Said El Kadri - Entertainology